I've tried to be your friend.

Do you want us to stay?


You must pull yourself together and face up to life.


I don't hang out with him.

Women are employed at a lower salary than men.

What stopped you?

Jamie managed to save them.

Things changed.

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This magazine is published bimonthly, and that one is published quarterly.


Poor light hindered my reading.

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You borrow money from Taninna.

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Don't sneak up on me like that.


I think you should talk to him.


When I was child, whenever I did something bad, I would get spanked.

The government has been reforming education.

Josip died just a few hours after Ritalynne died.


Everyone here is afraid of us.


Did Roxanne say who?

Dan found Linda on the floor of the basement with a serious wound in the head.

I'm originally from Australia.

By chance, I met your brother on the street.

Is there someone who can take care of Jason?

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A Christian transgendered person I know said: "God has better things to do than to make up rules on who can use which bathroom."

Why is this door always locked?

I lost my mobile phone.

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I can't do without coffee after meals.

Here is your dog.

I'm supposed to be at school today.


Touch a document.

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I decided to write 20 sentences a day on Tatoeba.

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Duke has come back.

She takes a walk with her dog.

Is air travel becoming dangerous?

Why do you always seem to want to argue?

He fell for it hook, line, and sinker.


Margaret ran away when he saw me.

They admire her deeply.

I ordered the children to stay quiet, but they kept on making noise.

Pete might not want to do that.

Two friends brought him help.

He's not taller than me.

Many novels have been written by him.

Have the two of you met before?

I don't have two cats.

I was annoyed with him for being so late.

Nathaniel is lying again.


I'm not too concerned about it.


I just wanted to make sure everyone was awake.

How serious I looked!

That person is like me.

Guillermo dropped in to see us.

The law does not apply to this case.

Thank you very much for your tips!

Give them the facts.


Why can't you ask her for forgiveness?


It wasn't the first time.

Russell doesn't look reassured.

You're disobedient.


This shouldn't surprise anyone.


There's no way to know who's coming.

He lived in a town near by.

We had a thrilling time at the theme park.

The tree fell down by itself.

A good method for investing is a monthly allotment.

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Do you have a lot of pens?

We have a search warrant.

Has anyone heard from them?

For me, I think there's a lot more room in cable television to tell broader stories. NBC and the networks, they're all very mainstream, and they're a little more conservative in how they approach storytelling.

They might sell what you need.


His birthday party will take place tomorrow evening.

Harry said that he did nothing wrong and that it wasn't his fault.

They asked for my opinion.

Kate sympathized with him.

She let go of the boy's hand.

Liza ignored me.

This is a very strange letter.

I asked for a decaf.

Those who don't want to see are very blind.

He is said to have been very poor when he was young.

Don't ask me. Ask her.


It wasn't always like that.


I'm just about to whack you on the ears with a spoon, you monkey.

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They discovered a very talented player during summer training.

Every fable ends up with a moral.

Go on, but in Finnish.


Does Wendell need a doctor?

He will without doubt succeed in the exam.

Don't ask them where they are going.


I tried everything I could.

Do you want this back or not?

She's not coming back.

JST stands for Japan Standard Time.

Smith was an honest man.


I don't think I did very well.


I told Kayvan what I think.

I will make you happy.

She's a fake.

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You got hit hard.


Is someone coming for us?

Rusty always seems to be busy.

Give me a few.

He knows how to greet people in all languages.

Being a teacher is hard work.


Are you going to sit with Hwa?

Give me all the money.

Miek is waiting with everyone else.

Is that the same guy?

The box is light enough for a child to carry.

Franklin is trying to hide something.

The people who are not in a hurry walk on the right side of the staircase.

She advised him to stop taking that medicine.

He was too drunk to remember to shut the back door.

Don't tell your mother.

Why is this room locked?

The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise.

There's a helicopter waiting for us on the roof.

Irvin doesn't want to admit it, but he's excited about tomorrow's dance.

Dan went back to sit with his children.

She is a bit indignant about being kept waiting.

Call off your dogs.

I have zero knowledge of English.

His hair was brown.


He promised to come, but hasn't turned up yet.

Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?

The pain was excruciating.

Joey considers Shane as equal as Joe.

He spoke under his breath.

We've already lost three days.

Rudolph is on the verge of losing consciousness.

Jonathan got that right.

You can't just lie to them like that.

I had no idea you worked here.

If somebody isn't trustworthy, nobody will offer them an employment contract.

I swear I'll shoot you.

Disarmament is sure to make for peace.

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I owe you a beer.


Are we subjects or objects in this process?

Pedro has no musical skill, but she loves to sing.

Mott's outside.

What is she doing out here?

Even you would have helped me.

Tanya is ironing his shirts.

Can you hurry it up?


Eliot has been searching for Micky for years.

I refuse to discuss the question.

It will be quitting time before you get that done.

Marla explained the situation.

God is paying you.


Maybe we can talk to her.


When does your vacation start?

I hesitated to go to the movie with him.

I should've left them a note.

It's not that I dislike reading; it's just that I have no time.

I am not ready yet.

A number of same-sex marriages conducted last weekend have been declared null and void after the High Court of Australia ruled that the legislation allowing the marriages was unconstitutional.

I had no choice but to read it out to them.

Whoever causes trouble will be the victim of the trouble.

You shouldn't take the things Pratap says seriously.

Naresh sipped his coffee slowly.

I want you out of my life.